Welcome to your
life in France.

Whether the idea of relocating to France is on your mind or you’ve already made the move, I’m here to lend a helping hand in making you feel right at home.

How can I help you?

French learning journey

Improve your French with a bilingual language teacher! From lessons to comprehensive courses and all the resources you could possibly need, I’ve got your French learning journey covered. Let’s make progress together!

Assistance with paperwork

Visa applications, medical documents, legal forms—over my 20 years in France, I’ve encountered it all. Now, let’s tackle the world of French administration together. Your challenges are mine, and we’ve got this!

Supportive hand-holding service

Sometimes, we all could use a helping hand. That’s why I extend my support to translate your documents, attend appointments, and make calls on your behalf. Let’s make things a little easier together.

Hi there, I’m Izzie

I moved from the UK to France at the age of 6, and now, I’m proud to say I’m fluent in both French and English.

Naturally, this bilingualism led me down the path of becoming a language teacher. Five years ago, I earned my teaching qualification, and since then, I’ve had the privilege of imparting knowledge to over 500 individuals in schools and businesses worldwide. (And a whopping +50k if we count my social media followers!)

It was during these teaching experiences, especially when my French learners sought assistance with paperwork, that I realized the challenges of navigating administration, understanding available support, and managing appointments. This realization fueled the creation of Frizzie – my way of extending a helping hand to people in every aspect of life in France. Welcome to my website, I hope you’ll find everything you need 🙂